Lanes: keep it in the lines


When something pops up more than once in a week, my mind and spirit note it must be something to pay attention to. So it goes with me and lanes last week. I asked my dad for some advice on a business, and he said, "It sounds like they are getting out of their lane." Days later, my mentor shared an example of someone picking a niche lane and thriving in it.

Our world has so many opportunities. Some of these things are good in nature. They appear natural next steps to growth but are really just shiny objects and end up dividing focus and attention away from one’s passion project, core business or main purpose. How do you know? The take away resources from one's sweet spot and then burn extra fuel to switch between the two. Your overall ROI is lower than if all efforts were focused on one area.

Clarity on my "lane" has gotten clearer with age, so it's getting easier and easier to keep my eyes on the road. Now, I try to ask "Does this fit with and increase return on my Top 3: faith, family and coaching? What about you? How do you keep single focused and turn away from distractions?