Many, many moons ago, I was a blogger before blogging was a thing. I shared musings on culture and life as a lao wai, professor, language learner, runner and traveler while teaching at a university in mainland China for several years. If I’d only known people would one day make a living blogging…

On this here blog, I will be writing from a similar perspective about various topics. Because of those formative years and many others out of my comfort zone, I look at most things through the lens of learning a new culture. I hope you’ll join me, your fellow traveler and learner, as you have time. It’s a precious resource, so my goal is to add value and support your ALTA with each post.

I’ll close this inaugural entry with one of my favorite quotes. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi was a remarkable human. There’s no doubt about it. He changed his world, and ours, by doing something counter cultural. But, we don’t have to be famous to make a difference. What one thing will you do today to create the change you want to see around you?